Misys to Revolutionize Small Medical Practices

This announcement describes in detail the next step in the evolution of a great healthcare IT company.

This is a big day in Raleigh – and something I'm proud to be a part of .. and it's one of two announcements made this week.  The other one is just as important and highlights how Misys "gets" health IT in a way that most companies don't yet take seriously. 

Longtime readers of Docnotes understand that I say what I think – and nothing less.  This isn't the company speaking – this is me.  As an industry – we've been held back by the self-evident truths that turn out not to be so true.   Misys is now in a great position to demonstrate the agility often seen in only small companies – with the integrity, depth, and strength that one only finds in large companies.  Our elephant is beginning to dance!

HL7 RIM: An Incoherent Standard

Take a look here at this: this wonderful set of resources. 

The argument that HL7RIM is incoherent is compelling.  I'll admit that I've found HL7 RIM to be impossible confusing for years.  The problem is that as a foundation for all-things-HL7, RIM causes a lot of trouble. 

I've had some very interesting conversations recently with Neil Cowles – CEO of Tolven – where they have created TRIM – for the definition of RIM based templates.  Neil argues that TRIM provides all of the functionality and interoperability of RIM without the complexity.

Get your Treo to work with your corporate Excahnge Server

Our IS department didn't support Treo 700p or 755p and I suspected that it had to do with our security certificate.  Versamail 3.5 is more careful about self-signed certificates than previous versions were – and since 3.5 is installed on the 700p and 755 – these devices won't work without installing the self-signed certificate.  It's pretty easy.  What you need:

a) The Palm Certificate Modification Tool

b) The certificate from the company's exchange server.  May need to get this from your IS department.

If you are a company IS person reading this – then you can do most of the work for your users.  If you are one of those users – and the IS folks have done this for you – follow along from step #2.

  1. Using the Palm Certificate Modification tool and the .cer file for your exchange server, create a .pdb file.  Call this certs.pdb.  Follow the directions on Palm's website to do this.  Once you're finished – you can delete the modification tool, since (unless you change the certificate) you won't need the tool or the .cer file anymore.
  2. Have a file called certs.pdb?  Double-click on it to launch the Palm install tool (yes – I'm assuming that you have installed the Palm Desktop software and Hotsync manager installed on your PC.  If you don't you will need to do so now – using the CD-ROM that came with your Treo, or you can download from the website).
  3. Open the Versamail application on the device
  4. Click the drop down menu
  5. Go to Accounts, Account Setup
  6. Click New.
  7. Name the account:  MyCompany
  8. In the mail service drop down box, choose Exchange ActiveSync.  Click Next.
  9. In the username field, enter domainusername
  10. Enter the network password, click next.
  11. Enter the full email address:  firstname.lastname@mycompany.com
  12. In the Mail Server field, enter:   emailservername.mycompany.com.  Click Next.
  13. You will receive a message regarding the basic setup.  Click the advanced button.
  14. Verify that port 443 is entered.  Verify that the box is checked for SSL.  Click next.
  15. Click Done.
  16. Open the new MyCompany account.
  17. Click the Sync button.

Google Health?

For example, if you take your kid to Fluffy Bunny pediatrics, you'll find that the doctors are willing to share all of your child's medical records with you over Microsoft HealthVault. If you sign up for Google Health, you'll have to get old-fashioned paper records. Because otherwise, Fluffy Bunny doctors would have to spend time submitting all of their documents to 2 or more different sites, which would increase their workload, not decrease it. This, of course would force health consumers to sign up for multiple services if they want to make sure they have access to the latest information from all of their doctors, meaning that you're the one with a disorganized mess, not your doctor.

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