Customer Service – Heathcare, IT and Cell Phones

Sam's cellphone ws not working (again) so we spent 90 minutes at the Sprint store getitng it fixed (again) last night. As we walked away – he observed: "Dad – everyone in that store was angry."

He was right – we wondered together who had the stronger point – the angry lady who hadn't gotten her rebate check yet – or the clerk who kept insisting that the check "comes from corportate – I can't help you." Of course it was the angry lady. the clerk didn't take any ownership of this problem. All he did was insult her and do his best to push the problem away.

Bad bad bad.

Joel's got seven steps:

Seven steps to remarkable customer service – Joel on Software

In healthcare – we can't always fix a problem – but at the very least – we need to build an alliance with the patient/customer so that there is shared understanding of the problem – and shared investment in solving it.

Spring Training is like Medical School

Spring training is like medical school. Not expected to "get it right" or be the best. Just show up, do your best. Try hard. Learn as much as you can.


Sam and I went on our second annual trip to Ft. Myers.  We saw four games – had a great, relaxing time, and made it home happy and well-rested.  🙂