The EHR consolidation begins ..

CCHIT released the results of the first round of EHR certifications. Products that don't have certification will fall out of the marketplace. Yeh … you can disagree .. and whine about CCHIT being a tax .. and how small vendors can't afford to do the certification .. but the certification is necessary and important. It does level the playing field a bit …

"I don't Judge people”

"I don't judge people in my business" he said. An attribute that we share, I suppose – but for different reasons. My job is to help my patients achieve their health goals. His job is to sell them beer.

But he made me a little six-pack sampler that has been truly enjoyable. I used to enjoy Yeungling Porter but apparently it's no longer available. I asked him to bring me some .. and he said "no dice." I liked it because it was cheap and pretty good.

Here's what I've tried from the sampler:

Day 1:

SmuttyNose Porter hmm .. just OK. Better than an amber beer, but not full enough.

Day 2:

Sinebrychoff Porter   Wow  Very (very good)  Finnish Porter.  Rich. Complex taste – not too thick .. but not too thin .. juuuust right.

Day 3:

D. Cargagie & Co Stark Porter  Swedish.  Not as good as the Finnish, but better than the SmuttyNose.  Big bottle.  Couldn't finish it. (yeh – I'm a lightweight) ..

Wiki for the Intranet in healthcare

See this post on using wikis for an Intranet in healthcareWiki software is getting good enough these days that the look-and-feel is now tolerable for an Intranet.

Many years ago (1999) .. in a galaxy far, far away .. I built an Intranet home page that was butt-ugly, but it got the job done, and I was trying to spread the concept of an Intranet as a useful tool for clinical and administrative tasks.

Alas, that page still adorns the Intranet there (though it doesn't run from a server under my desk anymore, thankfully!) and while progress is being made (the www site was recently revised – though usability experts would likely give it a C+ at best) .. while I have moved on to other places.

 .. and one of the most successful projects at CapitalCare was the re-building of the Intranet as a Wiki.  It was fun and challenging and I can take credit for only planting the seed and evangelizing a bit.  Watering, fertilizing and nurturing were well managed by a great team of colleagues. 

Physician's First Watch

Physicians' First Watch launched today

What's good about PFW:

  • Daily updates on important medical publications and news
  • Professionally written, concise summaries
  • Hyperlinks to relevant information and source article (see dave's post on how "sending them away" is a fundamental law of making money on the Internet)
  • Stories are thoughtfully reviewed by a team of physician editors yeh .. I'm of of 'em
  • Editorial selection of articles or news items for inclusion is unbiased – without any influence from advertisers, mafia bosses, or old college roomates
  • Available for free, in the flavor you prefer: RSS or e-mail

I'm hoping Enoch will chime in about what's not-so-good about PFW.  I know he has some concerns — and perhaps some suggestions for improvement 😉

New residents, 2006

Fat Doctor describes an adorable new resident. My recent July interaction was not so adorable. Last friday, the new intern barged in to a hospital room and ordered me (no white coat, but the stethy around my neck should have tipped her off that I was not Cousin Vinny) and the patient's husband out of the room while she examined "my patient." The brash over-confidence and paternalism that comes with adornment of the new white coat is an unfortunate disease we continue to fight.

Yeh – I gave her a talking to … ever so gently reminding her that humility will earn her far more stars …