Zed Med

Zed Med in N. Zed is a wonderful weblog written by Chuck Zelnick. He's on sabbatical in New Zealand:

I'm now in my 22nd year of practicing Family Medicine, and feeling its time for a change. So I'm taking my family (wife, youngest daughter) with me to New Zealand for 6 months, where I will be working in a small town medical clinic in the South of South Island

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  1. Ok, you did all that discussion on Medical stuff now I have a question on your genealogy? I have a great great great grandfather named JACOB REIDER who was married to a Margaret Boyer. Are you related to anyone like that????? Oh, they originated in Berks County, PA and moved to Schuylkill County, PA
    Just trying to find extensions of the family tree to fill in gaps. Thanks. Sharon

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