I’ve mentioned the CiteTrack Feature

I've mentioned the CiteTrack Feature before: "CiteTrack will alert you by email whenever new content in a participating journal is published that matches criteria based on the topics, authors and articles you want to track. The list of participating journals is quite long, and this service remains free. This is obviously a good deal, as we get a very similar service as that offered by Medsite for a fee. Medsite remains a bit of a klunky site, with medbookstore being the most prominent (and well designed) component. Nonetheless .. they are agressive folks, and they are working very hard on displacing Medscape from the #1 Medical portal position.

This week in The Lancet:

This week in The Lancet: Relation between house-dust endotoxin exposure, type 1 T-cell development, and allergen sensitisation in infants at high risk of asthma. Registration to The Lancet is required, but remains free. Though now access to some full text articles is restricted to subscribers only. The study is interesting because it suggests that dusty homes may prevent allergies. I'll run upstairs and tell my kids to stop cleaning their rooms!