I’ll be updating less frequently

I'll be updating less frequently over the next few days. Our family is moving out of the home we've lived in for the past 10 years. It's sad to leave … Here's a zung scale, a reliable and useful screening tool for depression. A PDF version is available here made available from our pals at Glaxowellcome.

Speaking of the pharmaceutical industry, most companies have registered the domain names of their products. Try typing www.drugname.com .. and see what you get… prozac.com biaxin.com … I think that this sort of advertising is OK .. and can be useful. I sometimes use this strategy to quickly find the package insert for a new medication. I am concerned, however, about pharmaceutical companies registering domain names for a condition. My favorite example of this rotten form of advertising is www.kidsears.com. This website is an adversement for azithromycin, an agent that (in my opinion) should only very rarely be used in the treatment of otitis media.

Patients who want to clearly

Patients who want to clearly convey a birthplan to their healthcare provider can use BirthPlan.com!. This site has useful patient information on labor & delivery, with good examples and suggestions for planning a delivery. I encourage patients to make a birth plan. It facilitates communication about the birthing process before delivery.